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Yurii Hovorun

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, age 35, 15 years in the construction industry.

Before moving to Thailand, he ran his own construction company (100 employees).

Organization and management of construction works on Koh Samui for the Ban Tai Estate company (a complex of villas and bungalows, a restaurant by the sea).

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Michael Skiba

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, age 41, 14 years in development and construction.

Head of 3DTOUR company in Kyiv (24 employees).

The company works with large developers, making marketing materials, 3D modeling, architectural visualization, VR/AR and other interactive solutions.


Alma Terra Villas

High yield investment property with the payback period 4-5 years.

Alma Terra Villas

3-level villas with garage are fully furnished and equipped with all necessary appliances.

7 Palms

Premier modern residence estate. Three-story villas with a shared swimming pool and a private outdoor area.