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2nd phase pre-sale is now open.
A total of 5 two-bedroom villas available. Located next to the original site on the slope with the same amazing sea view.

Matching interior design, building materials, furniture and household appliances.

Floor area – 170 m²
Plot area from 320 m² to 464 m²

Price from 11.1 M THB

This price is valid until April 15.

Earn on the rising cost of the villas, while they are still under construction. Completion of construction – 1st quarter of 2025.

Leave a request and receive more information from the project manager, as well as a master plan with the location of the villas.



The villas are fully furnished and equipped with all necessary appliances. The payback period is 4-5 years. Project implementation period is 6-9 months.

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Take a 360 virtual tour of your future villa and explore all the amazing features of this design. This is the perfect modern 2-bedrooms tropical style villa.

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Enjoy the gorgeous view of the Angthong National Marine Park from the terrace and windows of your tropical island villa.

A truly unique view of the endless blue sea and sky perspective, elegantly framed by the lush green jungle.

Such an inspiring experience to observe this scenery in the comfort of your private outdoor terrace.

And in the evening, you have the privilege of the best sunset spot!

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The villas are equally good for both long term and short term stays, as an investment to rent out or resale after completion

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The high quality of construction, the reliability and durability of the materials used, as well as a number of technological innovations – all this increases the functionality of housing and reduces maintenance costs.


Strict adherence to technological processes and technical supervision


Careful selection of construction and finishing materials


Sophisticated air conditioning system + ceiling fans


Good thermal insulation of walls and roofing


Quality wooden furniture


Expensive and high quality plumbing


Sophisticated air conditioning system + ceiling fans


Expensive and high quality plumbing




The modern tropical style of the villa contains a palette of natural colors, which combined with light walls and high ceilings give a sense of space and a sense of freedom.

Large stained glass windows fill the villa with natural light.

The sliding window system allows you to fully merge the living room with a terrace and tropical nature.

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Spacious and unusual bedroom with a beautiful sea view.

The bathroom of the master bedroom has a huge window with a view that gives a lot of light and allows you to take a bath or a shower in the fresh air.


Cozy and functional bedroom with access to the garden. The bedroom can optionally be a guest room, a children’s room, or a study.

Spacious, functional and stylish bathroom on the first floor. The stained-glass sliding system allows you to realize an open space and go out into the garden.


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Large dining table, thoughtful and functional kitchen with built-in refrigerator and washing machine.

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A private outdoor terrace with a total area of 28sq. m.with swimming pool and lounge area.

Embrace the sense of pure relaxation in nature, while enjoying the privacy and comfort of your home.

The tastefully chosen landscape design of the terrace highlights the tranquil tropical atmosphere, and the sliding windows and doors system allows you to fully merge the living room with the terrace and refreshing lush nature.

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The tropical style and architectural forms of the building combined with modern glazing provide a favorable aesthetic perception, and the embodiment of actual engineering ideas and solutions in the exterior significantly improve living conditions.

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What is the purpose of the property?


This will return the investment money for the next 4‑5 years


Invest in the initial stages of construction and sell the finished residence at 30-50% more expensive

Finished Alma Terra Villa
for sale from 14 mln THB


The benefits of purchasing property in Thailand


Due to the removal of all covid restrictions and the constant growth of the tourist flow, in the coming years it is expected to increase the cost of rental and occupancy of villas, which in turn will increase the profitability of investments.

In case of renting or long-term absence of the owner there are many companies on the island who is ready to take over the maintenance and management of the property.

Example calculation:

depending on the stage of investment and the real estate market situation

*Return on investment in the first stage at a cost of 9.5 mln THB.

** According to the survey of property owners on Koh Phangan island

*** According to Airbnb, the cost of renting 2-bedroom villas with swimming pool and sea view is $180-$417

**** 30% of revenue (services of companies that manage and service real estate)

At the moment, Koh Phangan island has almost a unique real estate situation, which gives investors the opportunity to return the invested funds in a record time, and the natural and geopolitical features of the region still increase the attractiveness of the island for investment.

Invest in Paradise!


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Yurii Hovorun

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, age 35, 15 years in the construction industry.

Before moving to Thailand, he ran his own construction company (100 employees).

Organization and management of construction works on Koh Samui for the Ban Tai Estate company (a complex of villas and bungalows, a restaurant by the sea).

+66 96 149 57 42

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Michael Skiba

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, age 41, 14 years in development and construction.

Head of 3DTOUR company in Kyiv (24 employees).

The company works with large developers, making marketing materials, 3D modeling, architectural visualization, VR/AR and other interactive solutions.

+380 672 311 357


Would you like to become the owner of a property on the paradise island of Phangan?
Fill out the form, and we will contact you shortly.


Would you like to become the owner of a property on the paradise island of Phangan?

Fill out the form, and we will contact you shortly.



11 500 000 THB / ~$324 000

11 500 000 THB
~ $324 000

instalment plan is also available


Contractual relationship

The high quality of construction, the reliability and durability of the materials used, as well as a number of technological innovations – all this increases the functionality of housing and reduces operating costs.

Trust and warranties

The developing company currently has 4 ongoing business projects on the island.
Over time, Alma Terra company has established its trustworthiness and reliability both with its partners and investors.

Project and permit documentation

The company has all the design and approval documents, according to the norms and requirements of the supervisory authorities of Thailand.

Founders' experience

Experience of the founders of the developer in the field of construction more than ten years. Each of them bears personal responsibility and guarantees for the implementation of the project.


Our company has fully developed all legal issues on the transfer of land and real estate to the buyer in freehold under Thai law.


What are the conditions for installment payment?

Installment terms for the Alma Terra Villas project.

1. 5% Deposit (for fixing the cost of the transaction and choosing a plot)

2. Before the start of the division of the project land into plots for individual villas 20% November 2023 or within 14 days from signing the contract

3. After the start of construction work 10%, December 2023

4. Transfer of land ownership to the buyer (inclusion in the buyer's company charter) 20%, February 2024

5. After completion of the load-bearing frame of the building 20%, March-April 2024

6. After completion of finishing works 20%, September 2024

7. At the time of transfer of the building to the buyer 5%, October-November 2024

*The cost of the villa with a plot today with an installment plan starts from 11.5 million baht.

In what area of the island is the project located?

The project is located in one of the fastest growing areas of Koh Phangan, in Haad Yao


Incredible views of the sea, islands and mountains.

The distance to the beach is 400 meters.

The iconic Bubba’s Restaurant - 300 meters.

Easily reachable by the state concrete road

Access to high-voltage power line and city water supply.

How many villas are in the project?

8 sea view villas 

Will every villa owner be granted a Chanote?

Exactly. Each villa has its own plot of land, and for each plot the investor will receive a Chanote in his name or in the name of his company. 

Will the villas have a sea view?

The project is located on a mountainside of the Haad Yao area.

One of its significant features is the incredible view over the bay and the famous Ang Thong National Park.

Is it Freehold or Leasehold?

Freehold is an analogue variant of ownership.

What is the legal procedure for registration of land and buildings?

Initially, the Thai developer (Alma Terra) will be the owner of the land and the construction.

After the completion of construction, the ownership (freehold) of the villa with and the land, will be re-registered on a separate Thai company, where the investor/buyer of the villa will be the director and co-founder, therefore will hold full ownership rights.

We take care of all the concerns regarding the opening for the company for the investor if necessary

The paper-work cost for the investor is approximately 1 thousand dollars.

How can I own land in Thailand if I am a foreigner?

Legal process for land and property ownership in Thailand.

According to Thai law, an individual foreigner cannot directly own land and real estate on it.

But a Thai company in which a foreigner is a co-founder and director has the right to own land and real estate on it.


For a company to be Thai, 51% of shares must be owned by Thai nationals.

But each Thai pre-signs a document for the sale of shares without a date and the name of the buyer, which in case of unforeseen circumstances ensures the safety of the investor.

The remaining 49% of the shares belong to the investor.


For any decision to be made by shareholders, a meeting of shareholders must be held, which must be attended by at least 75% of shareholders. But without the consent of the investor, this is actually not possible, given that he owns 49% of the shares.

Also in this company, the investor will be the only director with the right to sign, therefore, all decisions about the sale, purchase, re-registration and other actions with land and real estate are made only by him.

Is it possible to get more information about the developer company and the founders of the project?

Company directors:

Yurii Hovorun, born in Kyiv, Ukraine, age 35, 15 years in the construction industry.

Before moving to Thailand, he ran his own construction company (100 employees).

“We can provide many credible testimonials from my clients and partners that approve of my responsibility and reliability both  as a leader and an executor.  My company has carried out work for both private and government tenders and projects”

Experience in Thailand:

Organization and management of construction works on Koh Samui for the Ban Tai Estate company (a complex of villas and bungalows, a restaurant by the sea).


Michael Skiba, born in Kyiv, Ukraine, age 41, 14 years in development and construction.

Head of 3DTOUR company in Kyiv (24 employees).

The company works with large developers, making marketing materials, 3D modeling, architectural visualization, VR/AR and other interactive solutions.

The company has worked with such Ukrainian developers as:

UkrBud, KAN-development, BUD-development, Taryan group, Intergal Bud, DIM Development, Stolitca Group, Perfect Group and many other Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Have been living on Koh Phangan for 3 years already.

Participated in a number of Real Estate projects on the island. Executed the design, visualization and preparation of marketing materials.

Everyone with whom he cooperated on Koh Phangan can confirm both the reliability and comfort of cooperation, as well as thoroughness in approach to work and professionalism.

The board of the founders of the company gives the investor additional confidence, security and guarantees.


Everyone has a personal responsibility for the fulfillment of their obligations and the implementation of the project.

What are the terms of payment?

The project provides 2 payment options:

  - Full prepayment, while the cost of the villa at this stage will be 11.5 million TBH.

  - Installment payment until the end of construction, while the cost of the villa at this stage will be 12.5 million TBH. More on this option in the next paragraph.

What is the correspondence of a virtual tour to a real project?

The virtual tour is fully consistent with the project for which the construction will be carried out.

Selected and used materials are sourced from the Thai market, in accordance with all the specific climate factors.

Why is the price not fixed?

The starting cost is 9.5 million baht, as the price will increase during the implementation process - this is a world practice. The earlier you invest, the cheaper the cost.

Who will be in charge of post-construction maintenance?

Each investor is free to dispose of his property at his own discretion.

For its part, the developer can recommend a service company, and investors can sign a contract with it.

If desired, investors can create a service company themselves.

Each house can be maintained individually.

Why are the ceilings so high? it does not seem practical!

This is the signature idea of the project!

It is a completely different feeling to live in such a space, in contrast to spaces with standard measurements, where the roof feels suffocating. 

In the current market, there are already a lot of projects with quite low ceilings that create a  feeling of living in an apartment block. 

However, this particular  configuration has a lot of its advantages and creates a unique sense of freedom, expansion and amplitude. 

Also the proposed design emphasizes the exceptional sea view from the villa.

The air inside may be strongly heated through the windows and the roof. How to keep such a large space cool?

For cooling the premises, engineering solutions for this issue have been designed. 

- Thermal insulation of the roof and ventilation of the roof space does not allow over-heating of the ceiling.

- Energy-efficient front glass is used, which allows to isolate the room from ultraviolet radiation and part of solar energy.

- The volume of air on the second floor is practically equal to an ordinary room with a standard ceiling height of 3 meters

- Powerful and energy-efficient air conditioning systems have been designed.

What is the process of working with investors?

At different stages of the construction of the project, the purchaser invests in the developer's company. 

Starting from pre-sale, ending with nearly finished villas.

These data are formulated and included in the clauses of the contract, in accordance with the laws of Thailand.

Will you build each villa separately? Can construction be delayed?

Construction will go simultaneously to all 8 villas - this is the most economical and reliable construction option. Eight villas is not much and the project can be implemented as quickly and simply as possible.

With parallel construction, it is convenient to control the stages of work and purchase materials in bulk. This option gives the speed and quality of the implementation of the entire project.

Therefore, construction of a single villa is long, problematic and expensive...

Also, villas with an area of ​​up to four hundred square meters in a generally affordable budget allows to attract investors much easier, compared to higher-cost villas (half a million dollars and on),  accordingly, the construction of this segment generally takes under one year.

What circumstances increase the cost?

The cost will grow with each subsequent investor and with each completed stage of construction to the maximum, due to risk minimization and time left till the end of construction.

What are the advantages of building materials used in the project?

The main advantage is that all materials are selected based on the specific climatic conditions and the actual experience of using these materials on the island.

The materials are selected to be resistant to high humidity, tropical rainstorms, high temperatures, insects and other local factors, and also have the highest level of durability.

These materials in the future will require only cosmetic and inexpensive repairs, which must be carried out no more than once every 5 years.

The main materials are commonly used, which for years have proven their reliability in any climatic region - these are concrete, steel, glass, granite, porcelain stoneware, fiber cement, composite materials, aluminum, cement and materials based on it.

Is the house made of wood/ What is the house made of?

The foundation is a monolithic reinforced concrete slab with stiffeners.

The bearing basis of the walls and roof is a metal frame with a wall thickness of 4 mm.

The filling of the walls is lightweight concrete with excellent thermal insulation properties.

Covering of internal and external walls, as well as ceilings - fiber cement boards.

Floor covering - large-format porcelain tiles.

The roof is a composite material based on synthetic reinforcing fibers, fiber cement and synthetic resins.

Terrace - fiber cement terrace board.

What technical solutions are implemented in the project?

The complete absence of non-durable and non-reliable materials in the project, which in turn solves many problems and issues.

Filling of the walls with lightweight concrete, which provides excellent technical characteristics and the highest thermal insulation.

Ventilation of the under-roof space for additional cooling of the premises.

A powerful and thoughtful air conditioning system to create a comfortable microclimate fast.

Natural and forced ventilation of the interior of the building for its cooling, as well as the supply of fresh air.

The maximum number of translucent features that provide a lot of light and blend with natural enveroment.


Alma Terra Villas

3-level villas with garage are fully furnished and equipped with all necessary appliances.

7 Palms

Premier modern residence estate. Three-story villas with a shared swimming pool and a private outdoor area.